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Do Valeh

Tanbour music is an old, important and precious part of the Kurdish music which is rooted in millenniums. This ancient music and culture has been conveyed by word of mouth from a generation to another. Yarsan Kurds have played an important role in maintaining this priceless heritage of the ancestors. The present work Do Valeh ...
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The Ritual Maqam of the Yarsan

Yarsanism is a heterodox religious current of Sufism established around the 11th century. Its community lives mainly in the Iranian Kurdistan (province of Kermanshah and north of Lorestan). The Kurdish maqam (which differs from the Eastern Arab, Turkish, and Persian forms) is a modal piece for tanbur, a long-necked lute, and voice. Lyrics are taken...
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Kurdish Music From Iran

Ali Akbar Moradi is a master tanbur player, from Kurdish western Iran, where it's considered a sacred instrument. The two-string lute might sound like an easy instrument to play, but it's not. In the hands of someone who can make it sing, the complexity is apparent. Moradi tackles both secular and...
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