Kayhan Kalhor & Ali-Akbar Moradi duet in Stanford

moradi & kalhor

(Persia Digest) Stanford University will be the venue for a duet performance by Kayhan Kalhor and Ali-Akbar Moradi in the final days of 2017.

These two successful musicians who released the popular “In the Mirror of the Sky” album years ago will be taking the stage together again on 10 December to play their improvised duet. Kalhor will also have a solo kamancheh performance on 3 November in York-England, and Manchester the following day. He will perform a duet with Ardal Arzanjan in Rotterdam-Holland on 10 November, and accompany Ali Bahramifard’s dulcimer with new pieces on 14 November.

On 27 November, Kalhor and Arzanjan will perform in Schiltigheim-Fance. On is website, the Schiltigheim Festival writes about these two musicians: “Kayhan Kalhor, kamancheh player, and Ardal Arzanjan, baglama player, are the ambassadors of two different cultures. But their music unites them as a soul shared. Kayhan Kalhor has always played with his Persian kamancheh alongside other performers of eastern music. This acclaimed player of kamancheh has enriched his concerts by fusing his music with that of other genres and cultures. He sits next to the biggest baglama player, Ardal Arzanjan. The strands of their music slowly fuse together to show that the masterful playing of instruments by itself is not the only issue here, nor is tradition the end of the world. As their ancestries in both countries did not believe in borders between Persian and Turkish music, their unity here can be felt in the improvisations of these two great artists as raindrops transforming into a cascade of melody.”

In his last concert of 2017 on 19 December, Kayhan Kalhor will play at “Beyond the Silent Garden” concert in Istanbul with Navid Afghah, Ali Bahramifard, and Hadi Azarpira.