Tanbour and Kurdish Melodie classes:

1 Hour Weekly:
$300 every 4 sessions $75 per class - 1 hour.
$170 every 2 sessions $85 per class - 1 hour.

1 Hour Quarterly:
$780 each quarter (12 Sessions) - weekly $65 per class - 1 hour.
$450 each quarter (6 Sessions) - semi-weekly $75 per class - 1 hour.

*The tuition is due at the beginning of each class cycle. For example, if you choose to take the weekly class, you need to pay for 4 classes upfront.

*If the student cancels a class at least a 24-hour notice is required. The student could cancel no more than 4 times in one full year, otherwise, they’re obligated to pay for any canceled classes.

If the instructor cancels a class, the student receives credit, or a makeup session.

To schedule you class please call: (717) 666-7234